CCL-Forensics upgrades epilog

The research and development team at CCL-Forensics have upgraded the digital forensic software tool, epilog.

Following comments and suggestions from epilog users, the team has made a number of changes, as well as adding new features. The upgrade improves the following features…• A database rebuilder, which is an integrated solution for rebuilding recovered records into a copy of the live database. This allows tools and scripts which would usually only operate on live data to make use of these recovered deleted records
• The ability to parse records found in the new SQLite Write Ahead Log (WAL) journal format
• What used to be the “Table Analysis” feature has been upgraded to “Database and Table Details” and now reports further information regarding the database structure and parameters
• There is no longer a requirement for an “associated database” when conducting a raw data or disk image search (but the option to use an associated database remains)
• Recovered records that have been truncated will be marked in grey, allowing the user to make more informed decisions about the data
• Improved signature search algorithm
• New export modes have been added, allowing users to output to a flat tab separated values (tsv) file.

CCL-Forensics has produced a short video explaining what’s new in epilog v1.1.1. Visit our YouTube channel and find out more:

Version 1.1.1 of epilog is available now as a free upgrade to existing users. New users can purchase the software from our website:

If you have any questions about the new version of epilog, please contact our developers at [email protected].

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