Comprehending The IoT Cyber Threat Landscape

Morteza Safaei Pour shares his research at DFRWS EU 2019.

Morteza: Hello and good morning – my name is Morteza Safaei Pour, from CTI Lab Florida Atlantic University. Today I’m going to talk about comprehending the IoT cyber threat landscape, and how we get information about IoT maliciousness and IoT probing campaigns.

So we heard a lot about the Internet of Things. There are many of these devices produced every day and connected to the network. We expect by 2025 that more than 75 billion of these devices [will be] connected to the network. These devices are ranging from network devices, IP cameras, smart homes, to cyber physical systems and serial control systems.

And usually, people connect these devices directly to the internet, or these devices use some protocols like ports and connect to the public network. It’s kind of interesting to mention that, if you have a brand new device and connect it to the network, it takes a few seconds to a few minutes to get infected by one of the IoT malwares.

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