Computer Evidence in the Casey Anthony Trial – A Post Mortem

"In the recent case of the State of Florida vs. Casey Anthony, a recovered Firefox 2 history from Unallocated Space became the focal point of the State's case surrounding arguments of "premeditation". During the course of the trial, two different reports were tendered by members of the Orange County Sheriff's Department. One was created using NetAnalysis dated August 2008. The other was created using CacheBack Version 2.8 RC2 in December 2009. What came out at trial was a discrepancy between the two reports with regards to the Visit Count of 84 visits a "chloroform.htm" at "". The NetAnalysis report was tendered by the Defense under Direct Examination of OCSD's lead forensic examiner. The CacheBack report had already been tendered by the State during Direct Examination of the developer of CacheBack (me) one week earlier…"

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