Computer Forensics Show at Washington Convention Center February 4 – 6

For some companies, it is not a question of if one of their computers will be used as evidence in a legal matter, it is a question of when. The inaugural Computer Forensics Show will fill the Washington Convention Center from February 4-6, 2008 (in Washington, D.C.). This year’s event features keynote addresses by high-powered Washington insiders such as Barry M. Sabin, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Chief Counter-Terrorism Section, U.S. Department of Justice and James Christy, Director of Futures Exploration, Department of Justice Defense Cybercrime Center…Other notable beltway speakers highlighting the proposed annual event include David Heil, Special Agent In Charge Of Computer Crime for the United States Department Of Commerce; Dr. James Lyle and Doug White from the Computer Security Division from the DoC’s National Institute of Standards and Technology and Kevin Reis, Special Agent with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s OIG Electronic Crimes Unit.

By most estimates, 90% of legal evidence resides in computer systems, rather than on paper. Cases involving corporate trade secrets, personal and commercial disputes, employee discrimination, misdemeanor and felony crimes and personal injury can be won or lost solely with the introduction of recovered e-mail messages and other electronic files and records.

Today’s business environment continues to become more and more complex-with strict regulatory and compliance requirements, increased scrutiny and the ever-present threat of litigation. Because the majority of information today is created and available only in an electronic format, electronic data and the ability to properly address it in a defensible manner are increasingly critical to the legal process. These services are vital to any individual, company, or law practice with cases that deal with sensitive information stored on digital media.

The Computer Forensics Show will focus in-depth on topics of interest to legal and risk management professionals, the accounting industry and the IT sector, and features five powerful conference tracks including Legal, Accounting, Advanced IT Security and an exciting Lab track with a scheduled two-day complete Mock Trial.

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