Device Seizure 3.0 & P2 Commander 1.2 Released

Paraben has announced the release of Device Seizure v3.0 and P2 Commander 1.2. Both releases have new features. If you don’t have these products in your toolbox, you can add them for less than the annual maintenance on similar tools and you’ll be able to cross-validate your examination results…What’s New in Device Seizure:

* CDMA Physical plug-in – Adds support for CDMA physical data acquisitions including NV Memory items, GUID Properties, and Memory Dump from any CDMA device
* Kyocera CDMA Logical plug-in – Adds support for Kyocera logical data acquisitions
* Sanyo CDMA Logical plug-in – Adds support for Sanyo logical data acquisitions
* Garmin GPS Physical plug-in – Internal Memory Dump and Main Firmware can be acquired from many USB Garmin GPS devices
* Memory Card Physical plug-in – Adds support for data acquisitions of memory cards such as CompactFlash, Micro SD, Secure Digital Card, etc.
* SIM Card Cloner – Create a forensic clone using the existing SIM card or information received from the provider.

What’s New in P2 Commander:

* Image Analyzer (illicit image filter) – Scan for pornographic images in your case.
* Advanced Registry and System Analyzer – This integration of Paraben’s Registry Analyzer adds advanced system data parsing to provide important system and user information.
* IE cache parser – Analyze Internet browsing activities easily.
* Support for Exchange 2007

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