Digital Forensics News August 2017

The Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference in San Antonio, TX is fast approaching! Forensic Focus members can enjoy a 30% discount on the registration price using the code FOCUSTX17.

HddSurgery have released new slim sets to deal with ultra slim drives.

DFRWS have published their forensic challenge for 2017-2018, focusing on IoT forensics.

Oxygen Forensic Detective now supports Telegram Cloud, as well as 39 other cloud services.

The latest issue of the Digital Investigation journal has been released.

Atola Technology have released Atola Insight Forensic 4.9.

Magnet Forensics have released a new white paper on Android acquisition methods.

Oleg Skulkin and Scar de Courcier have released the Windows Forensics Cookbook, which helps readers perform investigations on Windows machines.

MobileEDIT from Compelson now includes Phone Copier 4.1 for Android, allowing complete backups of Android devices.A new plugin has been developed for Autopsy, allowing users to parse the volume shadow of an image.

Brett Shavers discussed how it is possible to place a suspect behind a keyboard, even if they’re using obfuscation methods.

Magnet AXIOM will shortly be able to obtain evidence from cloud-based services, using the new Magnet AXIOM Cloud.

SalvationData are running a free training course for their VIP software.

Paraben now gathers data from the the Amazon Echo and its virtual assistant Alexa.

Oxygen Forensics can now extract data from locked Motorola devices, using Jet Imager.

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