Digital Forensics News January 2018

BlackBag Technologies have released the latest version of MacQuisition: 2018 R1.

Oxygen Forensics have teamed up with Project VIC to help fight child exploitation.

Susteen’s Burner Breaker won Popular Science’s vote for Best of What's New in 2018.

DriveSavers Data Recovery shared an important article about how to ensure you’re collecting evidence legally.

AXIOM 1.2.3, the latest version of Magnet’s popular solution, now includes improved smartphone acquisition features.

Magnet Forensics have released a white paper on Windows password cracking.BlackLight 2017 R 1.1 is now available from BlackBag Technologies.

H11DFS shared their recommendations for open source digital forensics tools.

Lukor report on how tiny details in photos can identify a camera’s unique fingerprint.

Hacking Articles have posted a useful guide to imaging devices with EnCase Imager.

Susteen have released a new product: Cloud Analyzer, making it easier to download data from the cloud.

13Cubed posted a how-to video about Recycle Bin forensics.

Intel’s CPUs include a design flaw allowing sensitive data to be breached, according to The Register.

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