Digital Forensics News September 2018

Magnet Forensics have released the latest version of AXIOM.

Susteen’s new Data Pilot 10 Field Acquisition Device allows investigators to acquire mobile data more quickly.

Paraben have released a free ebook about validation in digital forensics.

BlackBag have released BlackLight 2018 R3, which includes APFS snapshot capabilities and increased support for GrayKey images.

AccessData will now be providing training to European law enforcement agencies.

The call for speakers for TechnoSecurity California 2019 has been extended.The latest volume of Digital Investigation has been released.

Apple have finally released an APFS reference document.

USB Restricted Mode has been enhanced in iOS 12 – Oleg Afonin shares his thoughts and tips.

How do you perform forensic analysis on a Linux system? Andrew Odendaal shares his thoughts.

Nominations are open for the Magnet Forensics Community Award.

Maxim Suhanov talks about memory compression and forensics.

The Crimes Against Children Conference 2019 has been announced for August 12-15 in Dallas, TX.

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