Digital Forensics Round-Up, August 03 2023

A round-up of this week’s digital forensics news and views:

Unlocking digital potential

Digital forensics units (DFUs) play a crucial role in nearly every criminal investigation today by extracting data from various electronic devices and transforming it into evidence of someone’s online and offline activities…

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Deep-FIR: AI-driven project enhances CCTV facial imagery to help combat crime

A group of university researchers have come up with an algorithm using Artificial Intelligence to improve the quality of facial images in CCTV cameras to help combat forensic crime…

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Prefetch: The Little Snitch That Tells On You

Incident Response and forensic analysts use the contents of prefetch files in investigations to gather information, such as the source from which an executable was launched, how many times it was executed, what files it touched, and the date and time it was launched…

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How To Use Rapid Hash Matching In The Battle Against CSAM

Technology has fast become a double-edged sword: the same advancements that allow for a more connected and more enjoyable life also put child safety at terrible risk…

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EventLog Analysis

EventLog analysis is extremely challenging in real-world cases as the Eventlog service collects too much info about the machine and not all of them is related to security incidents also not all of them can indicate some thing alone but needs to be correlated with other events to be meaningful and a lot of other challenges there…

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Threat Spotlight: Reported ransomware attacks double as AI tactics take hold

In 2023, artificial intelligence and generative AI have dominated headlines, and their impact is starting to make its mark on ransomware attacks ― for example with AI-enhanced phishing attacks to gain access to target networks and AI-powered automation for greater reach…

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The Creation of Master and Working Copies after CCTV Acquisition

The CCTV Acquisition blog series continues here with the creation of master and working copies after CCTV acquisition. Incorrect handling and exhibit referencing can cause huge delays to the Criminal Justice System…

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How hidden data on your kids’ smartphones can get them in trouble at school

The School District of Lee County will search your kid’s phone if there’s a question about safety and security. That rule is spelled out in the 2023-2024 student code of conduct…

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Apple iCloud Acquisition: A Lifeline for Forensic Experts

Acquiring data from locked, broken, or inaccessible devices poses significant challenges. However, there are ways to retrieve valuable information from such devices by obtaining the data from iCloud, including old data that has been deleted with no chance of recovery…

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Rudy’s Corrupted Devices

In a remarkable set of filings, Robert Costello — Rudy Giuliani’s defense attorney and a key player in the effort to package up a doctored laptop and pitch it as Hunter Biden’s — has provided an explanation for why his client wasn’t charged for doing the bidding of Russian-backed Ukrainians…

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