Digital Forensics Round-Up, August 24 2023

A round-up of this week’s digital forensics news and views:

Digital Forensic Survival Podcast # 391 – Investigation Lifecycle

The NIST investigation lifecycle encompasses a series of well-defined steps, starting from problem identification and scoping, through data collection and analysis, to the formulation of conclusions and recommendations…

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United States, Uruguay, Peru and Argentina Join Efforts to Combat Cybercrime

More than 30 judges, prosecutors, and police officers from Uruguay, Peru, and Argentina gathered in Montevideo from August 14 to 18 to participate in a conference on cybercrime…

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Recruitment begins on first digital forensic apprenticeships

Police forces have started recruiting for the UK’s first digital forensic apprenticeships, as part of a national qualification developed by the Forensic Capability Network (FCN)…

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Computer Forensics Firm Named In Georgia Indictment Says It Wasn’t Part Of Trump ‘Team’

In between the dozens of allegations of criminal wrongdoing levied by a Georgia grand jury at Donald Trump and 18 others Monday night, a little-discussed computer forensics firm enjoys a prominent place in the most recent indictment against the former president and his alleged co-conspirators…

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Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst: How to prepare for cloud DFIR

Understand the specific steps that can be taken to significantly improve your organization’s cloud incident response efficiency and efficacy…

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How To Scan A Mobile Device With Mobile Device Investigator

In today’s digital age, mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. They store a wealth of personal information, making them an attractive target for malicious actors…

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Android & AirTags (Part II)

Things change so quickly in DFIR. App developers add new functionality and change or remove existing functionality often. Threat actors change their methods…

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Digital Forensics: India’s Roadmap for the Next Decade

The 8th Interpol Digital Forensic Expert Group (DFEG 2023) meeting was held from 15 – 17 Aug 2023 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the backdrop of Cybersecurity Malaysia conference…

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South Yorkshire Police bodycam evidence lost in data breach

A police force said 69 cases could be affected after evidence including bodycam footage was lost in a data breach. South Yorkshire Police said it had been hit by a “significant and unexplained” reduction of information stored on its systems…

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CCTV Acquisition Series Summary

We have made it! After several months of posts, we have come to the series summary on CCTV Acquisition. Thank you for joining us on this journey…

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