Digital Forensics Round-Up, January 04 2024

A round-up of this week’s digital forensics news and views:

Police ‘investigate sexual abuse of young girl’s avatar in the metaverse’ – prompting NSPCC warning

The NSPCC has said companies “must act now” as police reportedly investigate a case where a girl’s digital persona was sexually attacked by a gang of adult men in an immersive video game…

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India: Damning new forensic investigation reveals repeated use of Pegasus spyware to target high-profile journalists

Amnesty International, in partnership with The Washington Post, has unearthed shocking new details about the continued use of NSO Group’s highly invasive spyware Pegasus to target prominent journalists in India, including one who had previously been a victim of an attack using the same spyware…

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Joy for John in New Year Honours List

An innovative officer who’s played a leading role in enhancing digital forensics has been recognised with the King’s Police Medal (KPM)…

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Cell tower data police say linked ex-CT cop to series of burglaries a concern for rights advocates

Investigators this summer used a controversial technique to identify a suspect they labeled a “serial burglar” — who, authorities say, was a police officer when he broke into some 45 businesses in Connecticut and beyond…

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Decryptor developed for Black Basta ransomware, promptly patched by gang

Despite the criminals’ efforts, the program still allows victims to recover large files stolen between November 2022 and this month…

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Atola Technology – 20 Years Of Digital Forensics Hardware Expertise

Back in 2003, Atola began with an ambition to create revolutionary technology rather than business. Having worked in the data recovery industry for over a decade, I knew I could automate the otherwise mundane and cumbersome process and make data recovery accessible for anyone…

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iOS Unified Logs – Making a call

In previous articles, we explored certain iOS unified logs related to the unlock process as well as the WhatsApp application. In this current article, I aim to share the Unified Logs that you can analyze when a user makes a call with their iPhone…

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The Admissibility And Challenges Of Digital Evidence In Court

This research explores the important topic of digital evidence and whether it can be used in court. The study looks into how important it is for digital forensic specialists to maintain the quality and admissibility of digital evidence in legal proceedings…

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