Digital Forensics Round-Up, June 01 2023

A round-up of this week’s digital forensics news and views:

Data Does Not Slow Down For Justice

The case for smarter data processing for Digital Forensic Units (DFU’s) around the country is a powerful one. DFUs extract data from all available electronic evidence, processing it into actionable intelligence that can be presented for prosecution…

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Finding Evil WMI Event Consumers with Disk Forensics

WMI abuse remains an easy and stealthy component of many modern attacks targeting Microsoft Windows. WMI can facilitate every aspect of the post-exploit kill chain using built-in tools with the added bonus (from the attacker’s perspective) of minimal available logging…

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Mental health: research reveals harrowing impact of traumatic material on crime investigators

Rape, murders, torture, arson, acts of terrorism and even genocide: if there is one thing police and justice staff know, it is that humanity’s cruelty and destruction knows no bounds…

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Defense lawyers face challenges accessing and reviewing digital evidence, study shows

Defense lawyers face numerous challenges accessing and reviewing evidence from phones and computers, a new study shows…

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New Statutory Code of Practice Introduced for Criminal Investigations

The Forensic Science Regulator and Home Office have collaborated to create a new statutory Code of Practice, which is to be implemented on 2nd October 2023…

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Can Vehicle Digital Forensics Change How Crimes Are Solved?

Vehicle digital forensics is changing the way murders are being solved. Ronda French says her dad’s murder went unsolved for years until a detective learned about vehicle forensics…

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Analysing Dating Apps Using Oxygen Forensic Detective

In this Oxycast webinar, Ryan, from the Oxygen Forensic Training team, discusses the evolution and impact of dating apps, with a focus on forensic analysis…

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The Wiretap: How The FBI Digs Up Deleted WhatsApp Messages

If your iPhone is ever obtained by the police, and they have the legal authority to search it, law enforcement can sometimes find information you believe you deleted — even from encrypted chat apps like WhatsApp…

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Is Cloud Forensics just Log Analysis? Kind Of.

Is Cloud Forensics just Log Analysis? The cloud sure does have a lot of logs. There are IAM logs, application logs, infrastructure logs, operating system logs…and everything in between…

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Artificial intelligence innovation: Leading companies in image analysis – tamper detection

Image analysis for tamper detection involves utilising automated image-processing techniques to identify indications of tampering or manipulation in digital photographs…

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