Digital Forensics Round-Up, June 08 2023

A round-up of this week’s digital forensics news and views:

Digital Forensics Training Strengthens Ukrainian Investigative Capabilities

Last week, EU Advisory Mission (EUAM) Ukraine and the Austrian National Criminal Intelligence Service organized an intensive training in Vienna on digital forensics…

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Mitiga Security Advisory: Lack of Forensic Visibility with the Basic License in Google Drive

After gaining initial access to any platform, data theft (exfiltration) is one of the most common attack vectors used by threat actors…

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AI software helped convict Coventry paedophile, police say

Advanced AI software was crucial in proving a paedophile groomed and sexually abused young girls, police reveal in a new TV programme…

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Captain trains to be Girard’s first digital investigator

Freeman, a 14-year Girard officer with 17 years in public safety, said he was awarded a scholarship from Canada-based Magnet Forensics…

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Jan. 6 Court Rivals Benefit from Unexpected Evidence Cooperation

Prosecutors and attorneys representing defendants charged with participating in the Jan. 6 Capitol attack have forged an unlikely collaboration in sorting through 5 million electronic files…

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Cellebrite’s Solutions To Current eDiscovery Challenges

Welcome friends and enemies to the Forensic Focus podcast. Today we have Monica with us from Cellebrite, and we are going to have a reasonably wide-ranging discussion, touching on SaaS and workflows and a number of other things…

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BEC Volumes and Ransomware Costs Double in a Year

The number of recorded business email compromise (BEC) attacks doubled over the past year, with the threat comprising nearly 60% of social engineering incidents studied by Verizon for its 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report...

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Experts decry new budget’s ‘wrong approach’ to tackling cyber crimes

The government’s latest announcements to establish a new cyber unit and dissolve the existing body has drawn criticism from experts in the field…

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