Digital Safety Conference, 19th June 2009, London

The inaugural Digital Safety Conference brings together thought leaders, policy makers, legal professionals, law enforcement agencies, government representatives, educators, industry leaders and those committed to protecting civil liberties to consider the health, reputation and environment of the digital world. The event takes place in London on June 19th, delegate places from £95 (students), education and charities £145 and Forensic Focus members £170 if using the code dsg…Speakers include:

• Tom Watson MP
• Tanya Byron
• Anthony Lilley
• Dr Richard Clayton, Cambridge University
• Dr Tim Watson, De Montfort University
• Prof Mike Short, President, Mobile Data Association
• Hamish Brown, MBE (UK’s leading expert on stalking)

Delegate places from £95 (students), education and charities £145 and FF members £170 if using the code dsg via online registration at:

A supporting television documentary concerning one of the organisers as a case study can be viewed here:

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