Exterro Welcomes John Price, Detective Sergeant of the West Midlands Police to FTK Over the Air

August 9, 2022

Justin Tolman and Lynne Roossien invited John Price of the West Midlands Police to join them on an episode of FTK Over the Air, Exterro’s podcast. Police Investigations move to the Cloud is the 12th episode of Exterro’s FTK podcast, which was started earlier this year.

In this episode, John Price talks about how West Midlands Police is the first force to deploy its cloud-based digital forensics platform powered by FTK Central in Microsoft Azure. This pioneering project has paved the way for a national digital forensics service, enabling cases to be worked on remotely, officers to collaborate and cases to be resolved at speed.

With nearly 7,000 officers able to work cases remotely and upload evidence directly to the cloud, criminal forensic investigation tasks that previously took days to complete are now almost instantaneous.

In this episode, you’ll hear how John has paved the way for law enforcement agencies to collaborate in order to clear case backlogs and secure faster convictions, bringing closure to victims and their families.

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