F-Response to be bundled with X-Ways Software Technology AG’s X-Ways Forensics

Agile Risk Management LLC announces today that an agreement has been reached with X-Ways Software Technology AG to allow the reselling and bundling of Agile’s F-Response Remote Forensics software with X-Ways Forensics, X-Ways’s premier computer forensic application…X-Ways Forensics (www.x-ways.com) is an advanced computer forensics application and the flagship product of X-Ways Software Technology AG. X-Ways Forensics has been designed from the ground up to provide efficent, low cost, and fast computer forensics capabilities. F-Response(www.f-response.com) is Agile Risk Management LLC’s patent pending solution to remote computer forensics and e-discovery. F-Response perfectly compliments X-Ways Forensics by providing direct raw read-only physical disk access to remote physical disks.

“We are very pleased to be working with Stefan Fleischmann and his staff at X-Ways, we believe firmly that the mission of F-Response is to provide remote physical drive access for use with the very best tools on the market, making this relationship an important part of achieving that mission.” stated Matthew Shannon Principal of Agile Risk Management, LLC.

To learn more about X-Ways Forensics and F-Response together, see http://www.x-ways.net/forensics/f-response.html.

Agile Risk Management LLC & F-Response

F-Response is a Trademark of Agile Risk Management, LLC, headquartered in Tampa, FL. Agile is a premium provider of information security consulting services as well as the sole owner of the F-Response Remote Computer Forensics and e-Discovery Software Suite. Founded in 2003, Agile Risk Management is committed to providing business value with uncompromised integrity.

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X-Ways Software Technology AG & X-Ways Forensics

X-Ways Software Technology AG is a business incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany as a stock corporation. X-Ways is the leading developer and supplier of computer forensics software in Europe. Their software is used for computer forensics, electronic discovery, data recovery, low-level data processing, and IT security. X-Ways also offers computer forensics training in America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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