Forensic Artifact: Malware Analysis in Windows 8

by Joseph Orekoya

I read and heard from different sources that Windows 8 was secure but I am a big time skeptic, so I had to prove it to myself. To be sure of the fact that Windows 8 is not so vulnerable to malware, I had to start by creating a proRAT Trojan server with my Windows 7 machine and then I sent it to my Windows 8. I have tried this Trojan several times and I’m no novice with it. I used it often in the days when I loved threatening schoolmates in the network, and I still have a good handle on it. As soon as I sent the server file to the Windows 8 OS with an external drive, Windows Defender deleted it. This was really amazing. I don’t have any third-party AV installed and my computer could react that way with malware. I had even seen some Windows 7 OS with third-party AVs that will not detect the server file due to poor heuristics. However, one third-party AV you can rely on to some extent is Norton with its bloodhound heuristics…

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