Forensic Email Collector v3.3 By Metaspike Has Been Released

Metaspike has released v3.3 of Forensic Email Collector with exciting new features and numerous improvements.

The highlights of this release are (see changelog):

* Exchange / Office 365 delegation support.
* Email notifications for completed acquisition sessions.
* Automatic detection of the target Exchange server version.
* Population of file system timestamps based on server dates.

Learn more about Forensic Email Collector.

Forensic Email Collector is a powerful email preservation tool that can forensically collect emails from Gmail / G Suite, Exchange / Office 365, and IMAP mailboxes such as Yahoo, iCloud, and AOL. It was designed to address the pain points associated with email acquisitions from online services.

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Forensic Email Collector’s key features are as follows:

1. Automatic Retries and Resume Capability

Forensic Email Collector takes a snapshot of each mail folder before acquisition and keeps track of each item in the target mailbox. In the event of a network or server error, messages are retried automatically. It is also possible to resume an incomplete project at a later time.

2. Server-side Searching

Using Forensic Email Collector, examiners can search mailboxes directly on the email server before preservation. These in-place searches are run very quickly, and without downloading the messages.

3. OAuth Support and Remote Authentication

Forensic Email Collector can authenticate with Gmail / G Suite via OAuth. Moreover, a small, self-contained application called FEC Remote Authenticator can be sent to custodians so that they can authenticate Forensic Email Collector into their email accounts on their own computer. This allows the forensic acquisition to be performed without having to learn the custodian’s password.

4. Detailed Acquisition and Exception Logs

Forensic Email Collector keeps detailed logs of the acquisition as well as any issues encountered to help make case documentation a breeze. A full log of IMAP communications is kept including requests to and responses from the server. Collected emails are hashed using MD5, SHA-1 or SHA-256 algorithms.

5. Flexible Output Formats

Acquired emails can be output to EML, MSG, and PST formats—simultaneously. Forensic Email Collector’s output is ready to be ingested into digital forensics and eDiscovery tools for investigative work or for electronic document productions.

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