Forensic Focus Forum Round-Up

Welcome to this month’s round-up of recent posts to the Forensic Focus forums.

How would you check whether a USB had been connected to a specific computer?

Can you help another member determine whether software running on a device could monitor the end user via an integrated camera?

Forum members discuss forensic readiness in organisations.

What career paths would you recommend for this digital forensics student?

Do you have any suggestions for Pachuco’s child protection case?

How would you find out whether an ASF video file had been tampered with?

Add your recommendations for free imaging software for Mac.

What measures do you take to protect your machines against malware?

How would you recover messages from an LG 328BG?

Can you help this forum member explain why two E01s have different MD5s?

Do you have any recommendations for athena’s forensic imager / multifunction suite?

Forum members discuss licensing requirements in the USA.

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