French Gendarmerie Nationale chooses Cellebrite’s UFED

The French Gendarmerie Nationale has equipped its national N-TECH force with Cellebrite’s Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) for its mobile forensic investigations. The Gendarmerie Nationale, in charge of public safety in France, is using the UFED to extract information from mobile devices to help solving crime investigations nationwide…UFED, the market leading mobile forensic extraction device in use by military, law enforcement and government agencies worldwide, was chosen by the Gendarmerie Nationale following a year-long test against competitive solutions.

Hundreds of UFED devices have been deployed across the country which will allow the extraction, analysis and reporting of logical and physical data from mobile phones including smart phones and GPS devices. The UFED device is able to extract data, including deleted information such as: contacts, call history, social networking data, videos, texts, photos, from over 4,000 different types and models of mobile devices. It allows investigators to process data from mobile devices at the scene of crime, eliminating the time and expense of transferring them to a forensic laboratory. Data retrieved is then analysed and presented in a way admissible as evidence in a court of law.

Yossi Carmil Co-CEO of Cellebrite added, “This deal with the Gendarmerie Nationale has immense strategic value for our business both in France and worldwide. The choice of our technology by another highly respected force like the French Gendarmerie Nationale confirms the value of our proposition and the real benefits in terms of cost savings, improved speed and efficiency of response to crime that the UFED offers. We are looking forward to a close relationship with the Gendarmerie Nationale with our support to the future requirements of the French market”

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