HancomGMD And DataExpert Partner To Distribute MD-Series to Asia

HancomGMD publicly revealed that they signed the distributor contract with DataExpert, the local forensics distributor in Singapore.

HancomGMD is a leading mobile forensics company established in 2007 with more than 90% of the domestic market share, providing full line up of mobile forensics solution, MD-Series, the total mobile forensics solution for data extraction and analysis from any type of mobile devices integrated cutting-edge mobile forensics technology.

DataExpert has always demonstrated sustained superiority, offering a wide range of products and services for better management of information security to the investigative agencies especially in Hongkong, Singapore, Indonesia and so on, covering wide range of Asia.Both sides of HancomGMD and DataExpert will focus on the core business of increasing supply and services of MD-Series, the total mobile forensics solution, to the end-users in the area.

MD-Series’ superior capability of the data extraction enables investigators to extract the data from the special mobile devices burnt out by fire, broken by shock, drowned in water, providing the solution for each case, MD-BOX for JTAG forensics, MD-READER for Chip-off forensics, MD-MR for memory removal, MD-BOX for JTAG connection task, covering full range of physical work related to extraction.

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