HBGary Unveils Freeware Tool for Incident Responders, Forensic Practitioners

HBGary has released a new freeware tool, FGET, a network-capable forensic data acquisition tool. FGET simplifies the process of acquiring forensically sound copies of key data on the hard drive, including the prefetch directory, system32\config directory, and all user’s NTUSER.DAT files. Acquired information includes the event log, SAM database, and registry…HBGary offers this capability for free to help the community combat APT and targeted threats – hackers who have successfully compromised a host and are interacting directly with the machines and the network.

The product is available via download. HBGary is also offering limited copies of the product at its GFIRST booth #7.

For more information visit http://www.hbgary.com/community/shawnblog/fget-v10-goes-live/

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