HddSurgery Spindle Replacement Tool

In our previous article we have shown video guides for using our head replacement tools for Samsung, Toshiba and Hitachi Ramp Hard Drives

In this article we will present our tool for Spindle Replacement on Seagate 7200.10/.11 hard drives.Spindle Replacement Tools

The process of data recovery from hard drives with jammed motors is usually done by transplanting the platters into another hard drive with a motor that’s working, and then transplanting the heads and electronics.

On older hard drives, only problems were how to keep the synchronization between the platters and how to transplant the heads. But on new hard drives there is another problem. On new drives we must notice two types of synchronization: one is vertical, one is horizontal. The vertical one is responsible for synchronization between platters like on the older drives. Now we have a horizontal problem as well because the inner diameter of the platter and the platter carrier (the hat) outer diameter have a big tolerance during production. Those two diameters are not the same so the platter can’t always be centered right. That leads to impossibility of putting the platter in the same place after once it has been taken off the platter carrier. That is why platter fixation lid needs to keep synchronization at all times. Many of new hard drives also have spacers between the platters made of metal or plastic. In process of platter transplantation, you must move these spacers along with the platters and make sure that they don’t touch each other. If these spacers touch the platters, they could damage them and make data recovery impossible.

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HddSurgery Spindle Replacement Tools use a whole new approach to hard drives with jammed motors. Instead of transplanting the platters to a new hard drive, only the bearing is replaced on a patient hard drive. This way of functioning implies that the heads, spacers and platters remain in place, while only the bearing is being replaced, which eliminates almost all of the difficulties that go with the platter transplantation process.

HDDS Spindle Replacement Tool is used to replace jammed spindle and solve the stuck motor problem on following hard drives:
Seagate 7200.11
Seagate 7200.10

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