HddSurgery Tools For Western Digital Ramp Hard Drives

In our previous article we have shown video guides for using our head replacement tools for Western Digital CSS hard drives.

In this article we will present our head swap tools for Western Digital hard drives which park their heads on the ramp.HDDS WDC 2.5"-3.5" Ramp Set]HDDS WDC 2.5"-3.5" Ramp Set

This set of head replacement tools (Head Combs) can be used to replace heads on almost all 2.5" and 3.5" Western Digital hard drives which have their heads parked on a ramp. Set contains 7 pairs (14 pieces) of head replacement tools.

These head replacement tools are used to ensure that the heads do not touch each other in proces of replacement and to enable their easy mounting back to the ramp.

Our next article will show a presentation for Western Digital Ramp hard drives.

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