How To Acquire Mobile Data With MD-NEXT From HancomGMD

by Michelle Oh, HancomGMD

With an ever-increasing range of features and dramatically increased storage capacity, digital devices have become essential to our daily life. Their ability to store vast amounts of data means that these devices have proliferated and are now found in every household. They therefore prove to be a source of crucial information that acts as evidence in digital forensic investigations.

With the expansion of 5G technology, we expect a new chapter in mobile development, and this will bring huge innovation for new technologies such as infrastructure, city management, autonomous vehicles, and connectivity for the consumer mobile internet. And this explosive growth of digital data will lead all investigators to face highly demanding challenges.

This article covers HancomGMD’s data extraction solution ‘MD-NEXT’. It focuses on how investigators can practically use MD-NEXT for both logical and physical data extractions.

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