How To Read A Moving Low-Quality License Plate Using Amped FIVE

Thanks to TV series and movies, people nowadays believe that when it comes to digital images and videos, everything is possible. Some of you may remember the “never-ending enhance” sequence in Blade Runner or the magic zoom they have in CSI. Then we turn to reality, where cameras with poor components, coupled with Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) set to kill the quality to save storage space, mean that you often end up with a bunch of smashed pixels. Sometimes, you are asked to take vital information from them.

Contrary to what you see in movies, there are cases in which there’s just nothing to do, except invent information that is not there – something we must avoid, of course. However, sometimes the information you are looking for is not clearly available in any frame alone, but it may become way more intelligible by wisely integrating multiple frames. In this post, we’ll show you how two of Amped FIVE’s brand new filters, Perspective Stabilization and Perspective Super Resolution, can really be a game changer in such situations.

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