Interactive Webinar And A Chance To Win Prizes From MSAB

Help us find the crucial mobile forensic evidence to secure a correct criminal conviction.

A crime committed. Two suspects in custody. Both deny knowing each other. Both have intelligence markers linking them to an international crime ring. Evidence recovered includes narcotics, money and two mobile phones.

How do you find the truth and seek justice?

Join us for part one of our interactive XAMN Investigates series where we’ll enlist your help to recover mobile device data. Together, we’ll be conducting a full mobile forensic examination using evidential files already extracted using XRY.

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About XAMN Investigates:

XAMN Investigates is a five part series from MSAB where you are working alongside our team of investigators to find the truth about an international crime syndicate using mobile forensic evidence. This interactive series will show you in a real-world scenario how our XAMN analytical solution can help uncover critical evidence from crimes ranging from money laundering to child exploitation.

Be one of the first three to correctly submit your evidence and MSAB will send you special prizes and awards!

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