Interview With Christa Miller, Content Manager, Forensic Focus

Christa, you’ve just joined Forensic Focus as a Content Manager – welcome on board! Tell us a bit about your background and how you came to work in digital forensics content creation.

Thank you Scar! I’m coming to Forensic Focus after 10 years of working in marketing and communications for various DFIR vendors. While I’ve contributed more “typical” marketing content like brochures, emails, etc., my “sweet spot” has always been in meatier pieces like white papers, magazine articles, technical blogs, etc.

That’s because for the 10 years before that, I was a freelance writer specializing in tech topics for law enforcement trade magazines. I covered a wide range of post-9/11 technology, from CAD/RMS interoperability to red light cameras, along with articles about “softer” topics like media relations and how to identify cyber bullying and harassment.

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Christa Miller is a Content Manager at Forensic Focus. She specializes in writing about technology and criminal justice, with particular interest in issues related to digital evidence and cyber law.

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