Interview with Liwei Ren, Scientific Advisor, Trend Micro

Liwei, you're Scientific Advisor at Trend Micro. Could you tell our readers a bit about your role, and what an average day looks like?

I have multiple responsibilities. Internally, I work with a few R&D teams as an adviser for developing novel security technologies powered by mathematical models and advanced algorithms, and I also help introduce cutting-edge technologies to the company through continuous follow-ups and technology evaluation in relevant fields. I visit other R&D centers in Taipei and Nanjing a few times a year for collaborative projects. During the visit, I always conduct a few seminars at Trend University (an internal education program) to share the most recent technologies since I am based in Silicon Valley. In addition, I own an interesting research project in the area of byte-wise approximate matching that aims at building a framework for byte-wise file matching, searching and clustering.

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