Interview With Robert O’Leary, Head Of Investigations For USG & Corporate, Nuix

Robert, your career in digital forensics began in the industry’s infancy. What first brought you to high tech crimes with the New Jersey State Police?

I worked undercover narcotics investigations and I worked in a narcotic trafficking interdiction unit in the New Jersey State Police. Most, if not all, of the people we arrested for narcotics possession, distribution and trafficking had stolen, cloned or burner cell phones on them at the time of the arrest. Those phones generally went into an evidence bag and were never examined. I wanted to examine those phones for evidence or intelligence in our investigations. At the time, my wife worked for Bell Atlantic and we were at her office Christmas party. Her boss was a VP and told me if I ever needed anything to let him know. I took that opportunity to explain the challenge I had with the cell phones we seized.

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