Introducing HddSurgery – Tools for Data Recovery Specialists

HddSurgery is an innovative young technology company devoted to building professional hard disk data recovery tools. The company was founded in 2009 in Belgrade, Serbia by experienced data recovery experts from Helpdisc Data recovery company.

HddSurgery cover all steps in physical data recovery operation and provide best equipment that will help data recovery and computer forensics companies to improve their clean room techniques and data recovery processes.

The portfolio includes professional data recovery tools for Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, Samsung, Maxtor and Hitachi hard drives with various malfunctions, such as Head crash, Head stiction, Stuck motor and Stuck spindle.

Head replacement tools are the most required products from HddSurgery, used by many data recovery and computer forensics specialist.

Data recovery from damaged hard drives, carried out by the means of head replacement, is based on the replacement of the entire head assembly comprising the read/write heads – data readers, the actuator arm – heads support, associated electronic components and contact providing members – connectors.

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Current head replacement practice is based on replacement of the entire above mentioned assembly, whereby the read/write heads come into contact with the surface of the magnetic disks or come into mutual contact.

The contact between the read/write heads and surfaces of magnetic disks causes damage of disks, thus making the data impossible to read on damaged areas. This damage is also threat for functional heads after head replacement as they could be damaged during data reading.

While the read/write heads are outside of disks area or after taking them off the ramp, their mutual contact is prevented with pieces of paper, rubber or similar materials. This procedure leaves many space for mistakes which can lead to damage of read/write heads or other parts of head assembly.

Head replacement tools from HddSurgery enables safe dismounting of damaged read/write heads, integrally with their mechanism and electronics, and its replacing with functional head stack assembly in purpose of data recovery.

R&D team uses latest software and hardware equipment for research, development, design and CAD modelling. All HddSurgery tools are made out of duralumin using CNC machining center and EDM machines for cutting and shaping.

After cutting, each tool gets assembled by hand and goes through 3 levels of quality check. This is important because tolerances of the tools are bellow 0.01mm and that dimension makes difference between functional and non-functional tool.

HddSurgery team will begin to produce and sale specialized Laminar Flow Cabinet in 2015. This new product is used in Clean space environment and it will be included into company’s portfolio after the years of research and testing.

Laminar Flow Cabinet is used by professional computer forensics and data recovery companies to insure safe operations on opened hard drives. Laminar Flow Cabinet from HddSurgery is adapted for data recovery and computer forensics experts, fully ergonomic and has attractive modern design.

This product will surely be the most sophisticated product from HddSurgery in 2015. and it could place company into the field of medical and chemistry laboratory equipment.

Data recovery tools from HddSurgery are also proven useful in the field of computer forensics, recognized by many police and digital forensics units from all over the world. New products are yet to come and HddSurgery will continue developing tools for modern hard drives.

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