(ISC)2 Offers Global Digital Forensics Credential With Regional Adaptation

CCFP is the first certification available within the cyber forensics discipline that reflects internationally accepted practices while accommodating the specific knowledge required by forensics professionals at a regional level. The CCFP exam is developed for regional markets following a series of exam workshops, which are conducted by renowned experts from public- and private-sector organizations in the region to ensure that its scope and content reflects the region’s requirements. This process allows (ISC)² to standardize cyber forensics practices across the region, providing an exam that covers the depth and breadth of expertise that every cyber forensics professional must possess — including forensics techniques and procedures through standards of practice and legal and ethical principles — that are commonly recognized, applicable and relevant across the region.The CCFP exam is currently available worldwide with regional adaptation for the following countries/regions:

European Union (CCFP-EU) – The CCFP-EU exam is applicable to those working in cyber forensics in Europe or working with European companies in this field. The exam is available in English and German languages. CCFP-EU was developed for the European legal environment following a series of exam workshops conducted by a panel of experts from public- and private-sector organizations in the UK and Europe.

India (CCFP-IN) – CCFP-IN has been developed for India in coordination with DSCI, a self-regulatory and not-for-profit organization set up by India National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), to localize the CCFP to meet the specific needs of the Indian forensics community. Get more information about CCFP-IN.

South Korea (CCFP-KR) – CCFP-KR was developed in collaboration with luminaries from the (ISC)² membership and leading digital forensics organizations around the world, including the American Academy of Forensics Sciences and the Korea Cyber Forensics Association, to build a credential unique to the forensics market in its complexity at the expert level. Read the CCFP page in Korean.

United States (CCFP-US) – Along with CCFP-KR, the CCFP-US exam became available in 2013 with the guidance of experts in the U.S. and throughout the world to ensure that the credential would be able to set a global standard while adapted for the U.S.

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For more information on the CCFP, download the exam outline.

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