LIMA from IntaForensics

Unveiled at ACPO 2009, IntaForensics ( has announced the launch of new case management software LIMA™. Available to both service providers and Police High Tech crime units, LIMA™ streamlines case and resource management and gives authorised personnel the ability to track a case’s progress without the need to inundate you or the Forensic Investigator with update requests…Designed by and with Forensic Practitioners in mind, LIMA™ offers a complete solution.

Highlights of the new software include:

• Contact resource management
• Sales management, quotation and proposals
• Resource management and scheduling
• Forensic case management
• Exhibit and asset tracking
• Quality assurance
• Reporting and statistics
• Knowledge base
• Secure customer / OIC / SIO portal access

Update requests, staff absences and incongruous shift patterns can be to the detriment of the speed of an investigation. LIMA™ offers a complete solution that ensures all authorised personnel are fully up-to-date on a case’s status, thereby maximising the efficiency of the investigation.

LIMA™ is due to launch in August 2009, but delegates attending the ACPO National e-Crime Conference between the 24th and 26th June will be given an exclusive look at the new software.

For more information, visit or call 0845 009 2600.

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