Magnet ATLAS Brings Case Management To Magnet Forensics Product Suite

Magnet Forensics is officially welcoming simple, powerful case and lab management to the Magnet Forensics product suite: Magnet ATLAS.

Cobbled together Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, document and data management software not meant for investigations, and even Post-it notes, just aren’t cutting it anymore as a case management process and solution.

Magnet ATLAS provides case and lab management for customers who want to bring together digital evidence management, chain of custody, financials and budget management, asset management, resource management, and more.Find out how you can see a demo of Magnet ATLAS.

Meet John Singleton, one of Magnet Forensic’s case management experts, as he talks about the benefits of Magnet ATLAS:

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ATLAS: Powerful doesn’t have to be complicated

You’ve heard it before… Powerful software doesn’t have to be complicated. Case in point: ATLAS. With as little as two hours of training and use, everyone on an investigative team can see the benefit of having all case information documented in one place.

There is too much digital evidence out there today in a growing number of cases, and there is intense public scrutiny on chain of custody of digital evidence and the sharing of information, as well as the need for repeatable results and clear archiving. Digital forensics teams don’t have time to spare to learn a complicated management system to help them keep track of their cases. ATLAS can help with all of this.

To learn more about ATLAS and its benefits for investigative teams and departments, please register for our webinar: From Intake to Court: Using Case Management to Stay on Track on Nov 7 & 8.

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