Magnet Forensics Announces Magnet AXIOM Cloud

AXIOM Cloud will Offer Data Extraction for Cloud-Based Services

AXIOM to Become the Most Comprehensive, Integrated Digital Investigation Platform

Magnet Forensics, a global leader in developing forensic software for digital examinations, has announced it will add support for cloud evidence recovery and examination as a standalone product or an add-on to its premier platform Magnet AXIOM. Magnet AXIOM will now be the most comprehensive, integrated investigative platform for digital forensics.

The addition of cloud as a source for evidence will allow examiners to gather all digital evidence associated with a case and examine it all-in-one, integrated together, whether the evidence lived on a smartphone, the cloud, a computer, a USB drive, other removable media, or even IoT-related devices.As data drifts further away from physical drives and more into the cloud, examiners have an ever-changing location to try to find information. Instead of locating incriminating evidence on drives or SD cards, it can often be stored on services like Dropbox and Google Drive, or in app data stored in the cloud, such as Facebook Messenger — leading to a whole new set of challenges for examiners.

“The opportunity for investigative teams to find more evidence in cloud data is intriguing and important. As law enforcement, enterprise, government and the justice systems work to understand and legislate the impact of cloud storage on investigations, we want to ensure that lawfully accessed cloud services can be searched for key evidence,” said Adam Belsher, CEO at Magnet Forensics. “Our customers want to search cloud data and combine those findings with other digital data to ensure they understand the entire story the evidence has to tell.”

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“Cloud data, like smartphone or computer data, is only one piece of the puzzle for an investigative team. With the addition of AXIOM Cloud to our smartphone and computer offerings, we are making Magnet AXIOM the only truly comprehensive, integrated investigation platform for digital forensics,” said Jad Saliba, Founder and CTO at Magnet Forensics. “In my experience as a digital forensics examiner, being able to create a holistic timeline of the data was imperative. We want to ensure Magnet AXIOM customers can examine all the evidence together. We want to help them ensure that no connections are missed through evidence segregation.”

The Magnet Forensics approach to comprehensive digital forensics helps investigative teams start their examinations from a single point, and AXIOM’s clean interface makes it easy for anyone involved in the investigation, from examiner to layperson to detective to legal teams, to search and interpret the evidence. Investigative teams can choose AXIOM Smartphone, AXIOM Computer, AXIOM Cloud, or any combination of the three and be assured that the data and analysis will integrate seamlessly into a single case.

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