Magnet Forensics Artifact Exchange Now Open

New community allows examiners to upload and/or download artifacts made using Magnet AXIOM’s Custom Artifacts feature

Magnet Forensics has launched its Artifact Exchange. Forensics professionals can now share their Custom Artifacts with each other for use in their investigations. The team worked with the community to launch the Artifact Exchange with over 50 apps already available (and each app, as you know, can be built to recover multiple artifacts).

Here’s an overview video: Magnet Forensics first announced that it would be opening an Artifact Exchange, the community responded that everyone would like to be part of this exchange and provide help and support to each other through artifacts.

In light of this response Magnet Forensics is making the artifact exchange open to the community. Simply visit the Artifact Exchange and create an account/profile.

Although the community-at-large can upload and download artifacts, each artifact in the exchange will use the AXIOM API, which means that the artifacts will integrate quickly and easily into AXIOM for use in investigations. API information is available in the documentation in the exchange.

For more information on the Artifact Exchange and Magnet Forensics’ newly announced support for Python development, read the full blog post.

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