Magnet Forensics Opens Registration for Certification, Launches Special Offers

Some exciting news coming from the Magnet Forensics training group today! We’ve introduced a new Magnet AXIOM course to help our customers leverage their Magnet IEF training investments; we have new special offers to help bundle training together and get the most out of our classes; and we’ve opened registration for our new certification program!Magnet Certified Forensic Examiner (
Our customers have been talking to us about a certification program for some time now. We know how important certification is to forensics examiners and investigators. Examiners need to validate their knowledge and expertise both in and out of court rooms and certification provides credibility – both for the individual and for their employer.
Magnet Forensics customers can now show the depth of their understanding and expertise with a true accreditation – the Magnet Certified Forensic Examiner (MCFE).
As of today, any customers who have completed the Magnet IEF Essentials – Computer course, can register for the MCFE – IEF certification exam.

Magnet AXIOM – Transition (
Demand for AXIOM training has been growing ever since its launch in May of this year. We are excited to offer a course to help people dig into the core components of AXIOM and help them ramp up their understanding of the benefits of AXIOM, a complete digital investigation platform.
The Magnet AXIOM – Transition course is a one-day online course for people who have already completed a Magnet IEF Essentials course or are very experienced with IEF.
Students will explore AXIOM Process and some of the areas covered by the course will help them learn how to streamline acquisition and processing tasks; how to navigate through the case more quickly; how to verify evidence more efficiently and interact with artifacts more intuitively.
Customers can register today and courses start next month!

Training Discounts
For a limited time, Magnet Forensics is offering special training bundles to our customers. These bundles can help you and your team get started on training, take on new courses and prepare yourself for future certifications.
To read more about our training discounts, please visit the Magnet Forensics blog.

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