Magnet Forensics Previews New and Upcoming Product Updates to Magnet Digital Investigation Suite

Enhancements to Magnet AUTOMATE, Magnet REVIEW and Magnet ATLAS will support new evidence sources, simplify evidence review and further streamline digital investigations

Magnet Forensics previewed a host of new and upcoming product updates for the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite at its Magnet Summit 2022 conference.

More than 3,000 guests are scheduled to attend the Magnet Summit 2022 conference, which is taking place in-person between Apr. 12 and Apr. 14 and virtually Apr. 20 to Apr. 28. Over three days and in front of a group of customers and global digital forensics experts, Magnet Forensics highlighted its recent innovations to Magnet AUTOMATE and Magnet ATLAS and showcased a major new release of Magnet REVIEW. Together, these three solutions make up the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite, which enables public safety organizations and enterprises to streamline their workflows, increase collaboration and accelerate their digital investigations with automation and analytics.

“The Magnet Digital Investigation Suite is transforming how police agencies and enterprises investigate crimes with digital evidence,” said Jad Saliba, the founder and chief technology officer of Magnet Forensics. “By combining Magnet AUTOMATE, Magnet REVIEW and Magnet ATLAS, our customers have unlocked the capabilities to keep their investigations running 24/7/365, to remotely review digital evidence and to securely store and analyze their findings in one centralized location. Our newest updates will further accelerate and simplify each step of the digital investigation process for our customers, giving them every advantage in their efforts to protect their assets and their communities.”

Both police agencies and enterprises are struggling with the growth in volume and complexity in digital evidence and the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite is designed to directly address challenges encountered during each step of an investigation.

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Investigations are stalled during evidence processing because the number of devices and amount of data investigators are handling outweighs their ability to rapidly deliver results. Magnet AUTOMATE provides a solution by automating evidence processing and getting results in the hands of investigators in a timely fashion. Agencies also lose efficiency throughout evidence review and analysis due to the challenges digital forensics professionals and investigators encounter during their collaboration and in storing evidence. Magnet REVIEW enables investigators to remotely review digital evidence and to share it with stakeholders inside and outside their organizations in a secure and auditable fashion. Magnet ATLAS, meanwhile, breaks down silos and permits agencies to manage data related to their digital investigations from one centralized and secure location.

Within the last year, Magnet Forensics announced that one of the largest police agencies in the world, London’s Metropolitan Police, would be using Magnet REVIEW to complete its digital investigations up to three times faster. In January, the company announced a major partnership with NICE to integrate Magnet REVIEW with NICE Investigate, enabling police agencies to review evidence in one place and accelerate their investigations. Going forward, Magnet Forensics is continuing to work with Microsoft Azure to incorporate the cloud platform into the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite, empowering agencies to easily scale up resources while maintaining security and compliance.

Magnet Forensics recently delivered new versions of Magnet AUTOMATE and Magnet ATLAS and will imminently release a new version of Magnet REVIEW. With these updates, users of the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite will be able to:

  • View key source device details in a convenient, at-a-glance format with the new Magnet REVIEW Device Dashboard
  • Leverage customizable multi-artifact views in Magnet REVIEW to highlight important evidence items for investigators so they can complete their reviews even more effectively
  • Automatically process data from several new sources, including Magnet DVR Examiner, warrant returns and other cloud data packages with Magnet AUTOMATE
  • Add further automation and control to their Magnet AUTOMATE workflows with device platform autodetection and job queue prioritization
  • Monitor the progression of casework through the assignment, tracking and completion of tasks with the new Magnet ATLAS Task Manager
  • Easily add file attachments to items in Magnet ATLAS, both from their internal systems as well as Magnet AXIOM or Magnet AUTOMATE

To learn more, sign up for the Magnet Summit 2022 virtual experience to attend dozens of sessions and workshops led by some of the world’s leading digital forensics and incident response experts between Apr. 20 and Apr. 28.

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