Magnet Virtual Summit 2023: The Virtual DFIR Event of the Year is Coming Soon!

Magnet Forensics is bringing back Magnet Virtual Summit for another great chance to bring together attendees from all skill levels with the leading global DFIR voices in the field.

Join us February 21-March 2, 2023, for a special virtual event that will feature 55+ presentations from over 60 industry experts about their findings in topics such as mobile forensics, eDiscovery, malware, ransomware, digital evidence review, video forensics, and much more! Plus, there’ll be great activities to help you accelerate your skills and your career.

Register for Magnet Virtual Summit 2023 here.

What to Expect at Magnet Virtual Summit 2023

Magnet Virtual Summit 2023 is a great chance to learn about the latest research and findings in DFIR. We’ll have over 55 presentations from experts in the public safety and enterprise spaces, as well as a series of Magnet-related talks from Magnet Forensics experts. Here is a very small sampling of what kinds of sessions we have on deck:

The Meaning of Messages
Christopher Vance, Magnet Forensics
This talk will focus on the Message app on iOS and its storage components.

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Know When to Seek Help for Memory Loss
Matt Suiche, Magnet Forensics
In this session, we’ll explore the evolution of memory forensics and analysis, including common mistakes that have survived as common practices, and how mastering some basic fundamentals will enable analysts to access the next generation of threat detection methods.

Chad Gish & Jad Saliba: A Fireside Chat
Chad Gish, Metro Nashville PD & Jad Saliba, Magnet Forensics
Join these two powerhouses as they share a virtual stage and chat about the biggest issues facing DFIR professional and the organizations they work for, how technology can help, and whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza.

The Thrill of the Threat Hunt
Alissa Torres, Senior Threat Hunter, Palo Alto Networks
Join Alissa as she discusses the organizational impact of gems of threat hunts and most importantly, how these pivotal finds can be folded into positive hunt metrics.

Tackling Collaboration Software, Social Media & Text Messages
Julie Lewis, CEO and Founder, Digital Mountain
In this presentation, the multitude of communication platforms that exist today will be touched upon, along with the considerations for best practices when performing discovery. The presentation will also touch on smartphones and emojis.

Register for free to see the full agenda and save your spots!

MVS Keynote Presenter: David Cowen

We’re excited to have SANS Instructor, and host of the Forensic Lunch, David Cowen join us as the keynote presenter at Magnet Virtual Summit 2023! Currently a Vice President at Charles River Associates, David and his team provide expert witness services in the areas of digital forensics as well incident response services globally. David will be presenting “Adapting to the Cloud in DFIR” and we looking forward to hearing what kinds of insight he’ll have to share!

MVS Capture The Flag

We can’t wait to bring you the sixth annual Magnet Virtual Summit Capture The Flag (CTF) during MVS2023!  This CTF will be a 3-hour timed event and will test your skills while competing with others. An entirely new image set will be introduced at this CTF along with scenarios—including data sources—that have been presented in other Magnet Summit CTFs.

Need a few tips on taking part in the competition? When you register, you can also take part in a Capture The Flag workshop with CTF creator, Jessica Hyde, and multiple Magnet CTF-winner, Kevin Pagano.

Mentorship Day

Looking for advice to move forward in your DFIR career? Mentorship Day at MVS2023 will take place on February 27 and will see seasoned professionals take the time to offer career advice, along with resume reviews, to make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge you need to keep your career momentum going. We will be offering individual 30-minute mentoring session with a seasoned DFIR professional who will share some tips on how to best represent yourself in your resume, how to network effectively, and different paths you can take in your DFIR journey.

We’re also excited to present, “Moving Up in DFIR:  A Mentorship Day Panel”, in which Jessica Hyde will host a special talk with some of the top forensic examiners from the public safety and enterprise environments—including Mari DeGrazia, Alexis Bignoni, Mitch Kajzer, and Aaron Sparling—about their career experiences.

Live Q&A With Magnet Forensics Experts

On February 28 and March 1, you can drop into a live interactive session and chat directly with product experts in both the public safety and enterprise spaces.

You’ll have the opportunity to engage in conversation with product management, forensic consulting, and market research team members from Magnet Forensics in these special Q&A sessions.

Learn More and Register for Magnet Virtual Summit 2023

Get access to all of these activities by registering for Magnet Virtual Summit 2023 for free! Head over to for more information and to register and start building out your personalized agenda today. Plus, we’ll have opportunities to take part in special MVS games (like Jeopardy), gain points, and win prizes!

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