Making Complex Issues Simple: A Unique Method To Extract Evidence From RAID

by Alexander Leonenko

Today we would like to talk about RAID arrays with lost configuration and how to extract evidential data from them. Let’s start with understanding what a RAID is in the first place.

RAID is a Redundant Array of Independent Drives. The system shows it as a virtual storage device with block access. In essence, RAID is a virtual drive.

The purpose of assembling RAID is the creation of storage with higher access speed, larger capacity and greater reliability.

Why do people use RAID? Domestic users may assemble arrays to create backups or to store their personal archive of photos and documents, along with their home multimedia library (movies, music and so on). Companies use RAID as data storage on the server. This can be a common (shared) document storage, storage for backups, databases, accounting data and the like.

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