MD-NEXT, Mobile Forensic Software For Data Extraction

MD-NEXT is the forensic software for the data extraction of mobile devices. It supports physical and logical extraction methods for Android, iOS, Windows OS, Tizen OS and other smartphone OS. Bootloader, Custom image, ADB Pro, Chip-off flash memory with MD-READER, JTAG-connected board with MD-BOX, OS standard backup protocol, Device specific backup protocol, extraction agent app and other cutting-edge extraction technology are integrated into MD-NEXT .Product Highlights
– Physical extraction methods
– Bootloader, Custom image, ADB Pro
– Logical extraction methods
– ADB Backup, iOS Backup, MTP, Custom backup protocol
– Extraction of chip-off flash memory, JTAG board
– Extraction of selected partition, directory, files and apps
– Data preview during extraction
– Write protection and evidence integrity
– Supports automated analysis and reporting in connection with MD-RED (Analysis Software)
– Supports Global, Chinese and Korean phone manufacturers

Key Features
1. Perfect data extraction tool for mobile phones
– Supports feature phones and smartphones
– Supports mobile device, mainboard with JTAG, Chip-off flash memory, USIM and SD card
– Used with forensic hardware, MD-BOX and MD-READER
– Supports all logical and physical extraction methods

2. Advanced extraction features
– Selects partitions after auto-scanning
– Selects directories, files and categories to be extracted
– Supports pause and resume of extraction
– Supports Google cloud extraction using mobile device accounts
– Supports physical extraction methods – Bootloader, Custom image, ADB Pro
– Supports logical extraction methods – ADB Backup, iOS Backup, MTP, Custom backup protocol

3. Assurance of evidence data integrity
– Supports write-protection to every evidence data
– Supports more than 10 different hash algorithms such as SHA256

4. Excellent extraction performance
– 1GB/min extraction performance

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5. User-friendly and easy to use
– Intuitive user interface and simple extract procedure
– Help documents with pictures and photos

6. Data preview
– Supports preview of the extraction data signatures
– Preview of Hex and user data

7. Reports auto-generation
– Reports the extracted image file information
– Hash value, Time, Method, Filename, etc.
– Supports XLS, PDF file formats

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