Modern Digital Forensics: Speed, Automation and Rapid Evidence Collection with Binalyze AIR

“Digital forensics is 40 years old, so are the methods…”

When Binalyze started the journey of re-imagining DFIR and being part of the first phases of modern digital forensics the essential postulate that we wanted to implement was simple: 

Changing DFIR evidence acquisition into a 1-click job. 

Almost three years ago, with the great support of our users and the DFIR community, we released IREC TACTICAL to start addressing the problems of the digital forensics industry by disrupting the old methods with new approaches.

Now, with TACTICAL, you can collect more than 120 different types of evidence with the click of a mouse. Besides collecting almost everything you would need to understand what went wrong on that endpoint, it also creates a self-contained HTML report, time-stamps it for non-repudiation, and protects the collected evidence against ransomware modifications. 

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TACTICAL is great and it still has a heavy development roadmap that adds great features with every new release. However, in the cases we were involved in, there was another huge problem: Remote evidence collection and the lack of automation. 

The second phase of Modern Digital Forensics: Speed and Automation

Let’s accept the fact: Once you have an alert in your cyber defense you need to investigate it. Every digital environment consists of millions of digital artifacts-multiply that by 100, 500, 1000 endpoints and you create a workload that is even hard to imagine let alone to investigate. In the ever-evolving and fast world of malicious attacks, we need speed much more than ever. 

That’s the motivation behind developing  Binalyze AIR, the most comprehensive automated IR and Enterprise Forensics solution on the market that can integrate with any security solution via RESTful triggers (Webhooks), making it a 24/7 available First Responder that can be called by other products (Splunk as an example).

Featuring a highly efficient, lightning-fast agent that has a 4MB memory footprint and 10MB installer, Binalyze AIR doesn’t compromise on speed and efficiency while delivering best-in-class digital forensics reports.

With AIR, digital forensic acquisition can be completed in less than 10 minutes, and upon that you can do a lot more:

  1. TimelineIR create a timeline investigation “remotely” in just minutes
  2. Endpoint Isolationisolate suspicious machines from the network with a single click, and continue investigating them
  3. Policy Support – apply predefined configurations to an endpoint or a group of endpoints
  4. SFTP Evidence Repository – save the collected evidence to a remote location that can be later accessed by the MSSPs for downloading the collected evidence. 
  5. SIEM/SOAR integration in seconds
  6. Compression & EncryptionCompress and encrypt collected evidence using military-grade AES-256 encryption 

…and that is just a part of it.

Try it now!

Feeling curious? Download AIR for free now and try it out for yourself. 

To read more about Binalyze, visit our blog, follow us on Twitter, or check us out on LinkedIn.

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