MSAB Launches New Ecosystem Products

The first set of new MSAB Ecosystem products for mobile forensics have just been launched.

The new MSAB Ecosystem is an evolution of the current products to adapt to the latest developments in digital forensics focused around the needs of law enforcement.

This launch sees the arrival of brand new products including: XRY v7.0, XRY Cloud, XRY Camera and XAMN Spotlight.XRY v7.0 offers:
– 18,625 device profiles supported
– XRY Cloud Data Recovery
– XRY Camera for all platforms
– XRY Case Files to store multiple extractions
– New 64Bit platform
– Physical support for Samsung Galaxy S5 & 6
– Full disk encryption decoder for Android
– Support for iOS 9.3 and Apple Notes

XAMN Spotlight v1.0 Beta offers:
– View the same data from 4 different angles; List | File Tree | Grid | Gallery
– View up to 25 XRY extractions together in the same Case File
– Powerful Filters to speed up locating data
– View Source Mode to validate hex data
– UTC Time zone adjustment
– Built in XML, PList & SQL Viewers

For more information about both these new products, please visit the website.

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