New AccessData Mobile Phone Forensics Field Tablet Device to Be Showcased

AccessData has announced that it will be giving computer forensics investigators a sneak peek at its new “Mobile Phone Examiner Plus” (“MPE +”) touch screen field tablet. AccessData partner, Mobile Forensics, Inc (MFI), will be showcasing the product at the Techno Security conference next week in Myrtle Beach. The new MPE + software-only solution and the preconfigured touch screen field tablet both integrate seamlessly with Forensic Toolkit (FTK®) computer forensics software. “Investigators can now see the extracted evidence on the screen immediately after extraction, then easily add that evidence to a case within FTK for deeper analysis,” said Lee Reiber CEO of Mobile Forensics Incorporated…AccessData’s mobile phone forensics field tablet allows forensic examiners to conduct onsite phone acquisitions and preview all data available on 1200+ supported handsets, including the embedded file systems. Having this information immediately available for on-scene triage will save time for the examiner back at the lab, while allowing law enforcement in the field to immediately secure the mobile phone evidence — unlocking locked handsets, previewing extracted data and safely creating a secure image. The data can then be parsed with Forensic Toolkit computer forensics software to recover not only user information, but files that no other mobile phone analysis software is currently able to recover and document.

The Mobile Phone Examiner Plus integration with Forensic Toolkit®, allows computer forensics examiners to forensically analyze mobile phone data within the FTK® 3.x interface. Examiners will be able to seamlessly correlate phone evidence with computer evidence, and they will be able to take advantage of the advanced reporting capabilities in FTK to detail phone data — call history, contacts, messages, photos, voice recordings, video files, calendar, tasks, notes and more.

AccessData will also offer an MPE + software-only solution. However, because FTK is used by a majority of computer forensics examiners worldwide, the release of an FTK-compatible rugged tablet for field acquisition of seized mobile phones will be of great benefit to law enforcement and government agencies, according to Reiber. “This is going to save law enforcement and government agencies time and money. Instead of juggling multiple tools to correlate phone and computer evidence, now it can be done within a single interface.”

Features of the MPE + Field Tablet include the following:

* Anti-glare screen
* Rugged design
* Can handle being dropped
* Water resistant
* Touch screen designed to work, even with heavy gloves on

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