New AccessData UTK® Bundle

When it comes to incident response, the quick collection and triage of digital devices is crucial to identify where evidence may be contained. This expedites device processing and evidence identification to ultimately reduce case backlogs. AccessData’s Ultimate Toolkit® (UTK®) include FTK, nFIELD and AD Triage to allow you to collect and triage devices on-scene as well as analyze data from different sources faster.

Three solutions, three discounted packages.On-Scene:

nFIELD and AD Triage allow ANYBODY in your team to:

• Forensically collect digital devices with virtually no training
• Quickly identify the devices in need of deeper examination
• Create and review reports

At the lab:

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FTK allows you to:
• Import nFIELD & AD Triage collected images to perform deeper examinations
• Correlate and visualize the data collected on-scene from multiple devices
• Process devices and identify evidence faster

For more information visit the UTK Bundle Information Page

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