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Belkasoft announces a major update to Belkasoft Evidence Center, the company’s flagship digital forensic solution, to version 2016. The new release comes with revamped user interface, numerous improvements to performance, productivity and usability. A number of new analytic functions were added, enabling investigators to dig deeper without being hit by the time penalty. Finally yet importantly, Belkasoft Evidence Center 2016 comes with full support for Windows 10, adapting its discovery and analytic engine to cope with new and changed artifacts produced by Microsoft’s new OS.

“We made a major release just before the year’s end”, says Yuri Gubanov, Belkasoft CEO. “The new version of Belkasoft Evidence Center feels like a totally new product. We made it faster and easier to use while adding new analytic features – all that to help you discover more with less time wasted”.Productivity and Usability Improvements

Compared to previous versions, Belkasoft Evidence Center 2016 looks, feels and works like whole new product. The new release adds new ways to work with discovered evidence, enables faster searching and adds instant filtering. The redesigned evidence discovery wizard makes data search settings easier to adjust, while mobile artifacts get their own dedicated section.

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The newly introduced Hashset Analysis section allows searching for files based on the hash sum, matching calculated hash values against a given NSRL hash set database. MD5 and SHA1 hashes are supported.

Last but not least, Belkasoft Evidence Center 2016 receives a long-awaited ability to identify and discover artifacts produced by Microsoft’s new OS, Windows 10. The new jumplist format, Edge and Internet Explorer browser data, and a range of other artifacts produced by Windows 10 are now fully supported by Evidence Center.

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New users as well as existing customers can enjoy a free webinar on the new version of Belkasoft Evidence Center on December 15, at 6 pm CET.

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About Belkasoft Evidence Center

Belkasoft Evidence Center is an all-in-one forensic solution for locating, extracting, and analyzing digital evidence stored inside computers and mobile devices. Belkasoft Evidence Center makes it easy for an investigator to search for, analyse, store and share digital evidence found inside computer and mobile devices. The toolkit will quickly extract digital evidence from multiple sources by analyzing hard drives, drive images, memory dumps, iOS, Blackberry and Android backups, UFED, JTAG and chip-off dumps. Evidence Center will automatically analyse the data source and lay out the most forensically important artefacts for investigator to review, examine more closely or add to report.

Low-level access to hard disk and system structures means that even data that has been deleted by the suspect cannot escape from investigators. Supporting Windows, Unix/Linux, Android and Mac OS X file systems, natively mounting images created in EnCase, FTK, X-Ways, DD and SMART formats, UFED and chip-off binary dumps, and many popular virtual machines without using these or any third-party tools, Belkasoft Evidence Center can collect more evidence than any single competing tool in its class.

About Belkasoft
Founded in 2002, Belkasoft is a global leader in digital forensics technology, known for their sound and comprehensive forensic tools. With a team of professionals in digital forensics, data recovery and reverse engineering, Belkasoft focuses on creating technologically advanced yet easy-to-use products for investigators and forensic experts to make their work easier, faster, and more effective.

With this focus in mind, Belkasoft introduces their flagship product, Belkasoft Evidence Center – an easy-to-use, integrated solution for collecting and analyzing digital evidence from mobile and computer devices. Customers in law enforcement, police, military, business, intelligence agencies, and forensic laboratories in 70+ countries worldwide use Belkasoft Evidence Center to fight homicide, crimes against children, drug trafficking, data leakage, fraud, and other online and offline crimes.

Belkasoft D-U-N-S number 683524694.
Belkasoft NATO Commercial and Government Entity (NCAGE, also CAGE) code SKF09.
Belkasoft is also registered within Central Contractor Registration (CCR), ORCA and WAWF.
Belkasoft is a registered trademark.

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