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Yuri Gubanov, an independent forensic expert and the founder of Belkasoft, interviews renowned forensic experts and launches a new forensic portal. The new portal,, is dedicated to providing breaking news, up to date information, persona and technology background in the field of hi-tech forensic.

Charles Giglia, Vice President of Digital Intelligence, Inc., gave the first interview. During the conversation he talks about 20-hour workdays, gives his opinion on feasibility of doing forensic examinations in Iraq, discusses that ‘clouds’ are simply computers, and chats about the challenges of forensic duplication…About

The new portal is home for forensic interviews given by renowned experts in computer forensics, owners and executives of multiple forensic companies, investigators, software resellers and law enforcement officials. Well-known persons and representatives of the largest IT companies are interviewed by Belkasoft owner, Yuri Gubanov. “Our goal is four interviews a month”, says Yuri Gubanov, the main interviewer and the founder of the project.

Yuri Gubanov is the owner of Belkasoft, a manufacturer of IT security and computer forensic software and the sponsor of the new F-Interviews project. Yuri is a renowned expert in computer forensics. “I believe this project will be of great interest to anyone into high-tech forensics, criminal investigations and law enforcement”, says Yuri. “It’ll be a great benefit to the IT community as a whole. Make sure you register on the Web site or subscribe to our RSS channel to get notified about technology news and future interviews”.

About Yuri Gubanov

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Since 2002, Yuri Gubanov has been running Belkasoft, a privately-owned company specializing in computer forensics and IT security software. Yuri gained years of experience in developing, maintaining and supporting forensic products on the Microsoft Windows platform. He developed solutions used by IT security experts and forensic investigators all over the world. His forensic software works right out of the box, without requiring a steep learning curve or any specific skills to operate.

Forensic solutions developed by Yuri Gubanov are used by customers such as the FBI, US Army, US Secret Service, police departments in Germany, Norway, Australia, and New Zealand, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Ernst & Young.

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