Now Released: XRY 7.7.1, Plus Kiosk And Tablet 7.7.1

New XRY 7.7.1 is now available, featuring support for GrayKey extractions of iPhones and iOS devices. Plus support for 107 new app versions and 81 new device profiles.This release reflects our approach to supporting customers by issuing new software version updates frequently in order to support new mobile device models and app versions as technology changes.

The support for GreyKey extractions is a first. GreyKey is a new technology from GrayShift that enables the unlocking and extraction of many iPhone models. With this release, XRY users can import those files into XRY with just a few clicks. (GrayKey is currently available in the U.S., and may be offered in other regions in the future).

This release also adds support for:

– 107 new app versions and 81 additional mobile device profiles
– Decoding of WhatsApp’s video and picture attachments, and Galaxy S7 Edge
– Google Takeouts – YouTube video now extracted

Current XRY users can download the new releases from the Customer Portal.

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