Nuix Released Version 7.2 Of Its Patented Processing Engine

Nuix 7.2 Conquers Search Speed and Scale, Streamlines Workflows for Discovery and Investigation, and Adds More Cloud and Mobile Data. Nuix 7.2 delivers real benefits you can use today while building a platform for the future. Learn more here.Global technology company Nuix today released version 7.2 of its patented processing engine, adding streamlined optical character recognition, more granular document imaging control, powerful time and location analytics, and direct access to more cloud and mobile data sources. The company has also optimized its support of Elasticsearch for Nuix case files, delivering extremely fast search results across very large volumes of data.

“In response to requests from our customers in advisory firms, litigation service providers, law enforcement agencies, and businesses around the world, we’ve added features to help them conduct comprehensive eDiscovery and investigation workflows within a single application,” said Eddie Sheehy, CEO of Nuix.

“Using Elasticsearch for Nuix case files, our lab has processed more than one terabyte of PST files within an hour and returned search results across 1.4 billion items in just four seconds. This opens up all kinds of possibilities such as conducting unified searches across multiple case files and correlating intelligence across petabytes of digital information.”

Features of this latest release include:

Streamlined discovery and investigation workflows. This release increases flexibility for document production with an extensive range of imaging controls and a new Production tab. It removes bottlenecks for optical character recognition and processing password-protected documents.
Location and time analytics. Customers can plot geolocated data on a map, even without an internet connection, and pivot around key evidence items by time or location.
More access to cloud and mobile data. Nuix 7.2 directly extracts data from live cloud storage services including Apple iCloud, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. Customers can process backups of iOS devices stored in iCloud without needing access to the devices themselves.

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“Data in the cloud and on mobile devices are now mainstream evidence sources; they’re discoverable and vital sources of information for investigations,” said Sheehy. “With this release we’ve made it easier for everyone to access and work with this data alongside all the other evidence.”

Nuix has optimized the performance of indexing, search, and batch operations when using Elasticsearch as a back end for Nuix case files. Investigators and discovery professionals can join current and past matters into multi-terabyte case files—linking intelligence items across multiple cases and sources.

“With the combination of massive scale and fast search, I believe we have solved the last and greatest impediment to eDiscovery,” said Sheehy. “No other platform on the market today comes close to matching our capabilities.”

In the week of December 12, 2016 Nuix will release updated versions of:

Nuix Web Review & Analytics, which will include portable workflows and nested search taxonomies so customers can complete complex search-and-tag operations quickly and consistently across massive volumes of data.
Nuix Sensitive Data Finder, which will be integrated with the Nuix Engine 7.2 and allow customers to export search results to an Elasticsearch database. The latest version adds interactive visualizations that link directly to the relevant results and includes refined case setup and tagging options.
Nuix Management Console, which will be compatible with Elasticsearch as a back end for Nuix case files. Nuix has made the job creation wizard more flexible and added tiered reporting templates so customers can include the information most relevant to the intended audience.

In January 2017, the company will update Nuix Collector and Nuix Enterprise Collection Center. The new release will collect deleted files directly from NTFS and FAT file systems, preserving the original metadata that may have been modified by malware. It will make collection from Microsoft SharePoint up to 50% faster and improve fault tolerance when creating full-disk images.

“The more functionality we offer customers, the easier it is for them to conduct their workflows without the hassle and risk of exporting data to other tools,” said Sheehy.

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