Oxygen Analytic Center v.1.1 Is Now Available

Oxygen Analytic Center v.1.1 is now available. It includes the following key features:

  • Data Search with Elasticsearch
  • Watchlists    
  • Social Connections Analysis
  • Similar Faces Analysis

For a full list of updates, refer to the “What’s New” file in Oxygen Analytic Center. 

Data Search with Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a search engine that provides a multi-tenant-capable full-text search engine. In Oxygen Analytic Center v.1.1, we enabled data search using logical operators (AND, OR, NOT). This powerful analytical tool displays search results immediately. Use this tool to search data in various sections and fields in Oxygen Analytic Center.


Quickly detect the right evidence with the new Watchlist feature in Oxygen Analytic Center v.1.1. Create custom Watchlists to target specific key words within an imported extraction. Once a Watchlist is added and indexed, you will receive a notification when a key word is found.

Social Connections Analysis

We added the ability to analyze social connections using the Social Graph section. You can now quickly determine with whom and when a device or account owner communicated. You can also open and view all the communications of any contact on the Social Graph. Currently, a Social Graph can only be built for one extraction (not a group of extractions).

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Similar Faces Analysis

Find similar faces with Oxygen Analytic Center v.1.1. Files with faces will be analyzed and shown in a grid. This tool can be found in the Matches section under the Facial Categorization option located on the left sidebar.


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